Transform Your Skin In 7 Days​

See real improvements in no time, with minimal down time
and with virtually no pain.

Endless benefits

There's a Vi Peel Treatment for Everyone

Vi Peel

Tone and texture
$ 400 Package of 3: $750
  • Tightens
  • Brightens tone
  • Fresh glow
  • Starter peel

Vi Peel

$ 520 Package of 3: $1,050
  • Relieves acne symptoms
  • Increases cellular turnover
  • Kill p. acnes
  • Balance skin for less breakouts

Vi Peel
Purify Precision Plus

Acne and scars
$ 600 Package of 3: $1,250
  • Comprehensive acne peel
  • Combat active acne
  • Repair dark areas
  • Repair marks on the skin

Vi Peel
Precision Plus

$ 600 Package of 3: $1,050
  • Breakthrough formula
  • Unique dual booster
  • Fade pigmentation
  • Reduce age spots

Vi Peel

Fine lines and wrinkles
$ 500 Package of 3: $1,250
  • For mature skin
  • Additional 0.8mL booster
  • Deeper penetration
  • Reduces fine lines/wrinkles
Don’t listen to us.

Hear what our customers have to say!

Omg ! !!! This place is so amazing !!! the staff is so professional everything is super clean they are super attentive with everything that you need !! I wouldn’t recommend any other place for IVs treatment that is not Drip Gym . I am so happy I found it .I feel super energized and full of life after these treatments ! highly recommended an amazing products and service !! -Vanessa 💪🏼⚡️


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