Ozone Therapy

The oxygen we breathe consists of two molecules of oxygen (O2), but ozone has three molecules of oxygen (O3). This extra molecule is what makes ozone different and more effective as an alternative cancer treatment. Because cancer cells are anaerobic, they die when exposed to oxygen.

Ozone therapy works by getting more oxygen into the tissue cells of the body. This process also stimulates the body’s repair process by allowing it to create new cells faster and more effectively.

$150 for a 25-minute session

Even our busiest customers can benefit from an ozone therapy drip during their lunch break. Experience ozone’s restorative effects first-hand!

The medical use of ozone-oxygen therapy is also gaining momentum in cancer

Helps fight

Helps with unwanted side effects

Has immune and metabolic effects

As well as treating other diseases and health conditions, research suggests ozone therapy as a treatment for the unwanted side effects of conventional cancer treatment, including radiation complications and burns, osteonecrosis, wound healing, and infections. Data demonstrates that this treatment has direct anti-cancer properties, immune system effects, metabolic effects (i.e., improved antioxidant defense) and protective tissue effects.

Keep fighting back!

See What Our Customers Say

Mohammad Mahmood
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I visited them for NAD Drip. Great experience! I was treated like a VIP. Khurram and his team made me feel at home during the process. Very professional operations, proper explanations at every step and serene environment. I would highly recommend them.
Deep Patel
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The staff is great. Jill cares about her patients and takes great care of them. Dr. Qureshi is courteous, professional and well knowledgeable. The room is very clean, they change pillow covers after each visitor and have iPads with Bose headphones next to the recliner seats to keep you entertained during your treatment. They spent money for the comfort of their patients. If you are getting IV treatments, this is the place you should go.
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