NAD DRIP in Queens & Long Island

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NAD DRIP in Queens & Long Island

Improve your wellness instantly with IV Therapy. All services are enjoyed in our luxurious, state-of-the-art medspa or even from the comfort of your own home.

New Client Special Offer
5 Stars Rating Certificate
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NAD infusions are the top IV energy drip to regenerate your body & naturally promote wellbeing.


NAD Drips are IV supplements that reenergize the body with nicotinamide riboside (NAD.) Known as the anti-aging molecule, NAD drips help combat physical and mental fatigue. To learn more about NAD infusions and discover what this IV energy drip can do for you, contact DRIP GYM at 516-445-7191 to schedule a free consultation for NAD treatment in NYC.


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NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD is an essential enzyme involved in several metabolic processes. NAD plays two main roles within the body:

  1. ENERGY PRODUCTION: NAD helps our cells produce energy. Specifically, NAD supports chemical reactions that convert calories from food into cellular energy.
  2. CELLULAR FUNCTIONS: In addition to energy production, NAD acts as a “helper molecule” for proteins involved in cellular functions. In this way, NAD plays an important role in many biological processes, like cellular repair and DNA production.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide comes in two forms: an active form known as NAD+ and an inactive form known as NADH. For NAD infusions, DRIP GYM uses the active form: NAD+.


The body naturally produces NAD. However, NAD levels drop as the body grows older. NAD depletion contributes to many  symptoms and  conditions associated with aging, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of muscle endurance 
  • Slower reflexes 
  • Decreased cognitive function
  • Susceptibility to illness or disease.

Besides aging, other factors that may deplete NAD levels include:

  • Overexertion at the gym
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Illnesses (like the flu)
  • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases
  • Conditions of the immune system like allergies and fibromyalgia
  • Mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Because NAD plays such an important role in your biological functions, studies show that supplemental NAD+ provides numerous therapeutic benefits. 

When Introduced into your bloodstream, NAD molecules bind to proteins. This creates an active enzyme (NAD+) that your body needs to metabolize energy and regenerate cells. Therefore, supplementing your natural NAD levels with NAD+ IV Therapy in NYC may:

NAD infusions are known as the “energy IV.” NAD drips are primarily used to combat fatigue. NAD boosts strength and vitality by promoting your body’s ability to metabolize energy.

Athletes utilize NAD infusions to gain a competitive edge. NAD supplies energy to the muscles and the nerve cells involved with reflexes. Therefore, supplementing with NAD helps your body access the energy it needs for muscle endurance and quick reflexes. 

In addition,  individuals may supplement with NAD IV drips to recuperate and reenergize following an intense workout. 

Fatigue does more than slow down the body. It also slows down the mind. Lower levels of NAD directly correlate with lower levels of brain functioning. Symptoms of this include:

  • “Brain fog”
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Issues with memory

Supplementing NAD levels with NAD+ IV drips may “energize” your brain. NAD drips may help you feel sharper, more alert, and cognitively equipped to manage the mental stressors associated with work and school.

Because fatigue affects the mind as well as the body, low NAD levels may affect your mental health. Mental side effects of low NAD may include:

  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Depression
  • Loss of motivation
  • Anxiety


Conclusive scientific data about NAD’s effect on addiction is still needed. However, initial data suggests that NAD supplements may assist in treating addiction. NAD may help the brain repair cells damaged by drug or alcohol abuse. In addition, studies suggest that NAD may play a role in the regeneration of opiate receptors. Repairing opiate receptors may reduce cravings and improve symptoms of withdrawal. 


NAD is available in both IV and oral supplement forms. However, medical professionals consider infusion with NAD drips as the optimal delivery method of this crucial enzyme. NAD IV Therapy in NYC is better than NAD oral supplements for several reasons, including:

100% Absorption: Many nutrients are lost during digestion with oral supplements. Infusions deliver NAD directly into the bloodstream, allowing the body to absorb nutrients fully.

Immediate bio-availability: Oral supplements must go through the digestion process before taking effect. This may take several hours to several days. With Vitamin IV Drips, nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, avoiding digestion altogether, allowing for instant health benefits.

Higher Concentrations: For some individuals, oral supplements may upset the digestive lining of the stomach. This restricts the concentration that is available for supplements taken by mouth. With NAD drips, individuals receive the right dosage for what their body needs, not a diluted dosage that their stomach can handle.


As the premier provider of Vitamin IV Drips, DRIP GYM offers the most competitive pricing on NAD drips in Queens, NY and the Great Neck are of Long Island.

At Drip Gym, NAD IVs cost $250. Each drip lasts one hour. Contact Drip Gym today to learn more ways to save on IV Vitamin therapy. 


Having opened in 2016, Drip Gym quickly became the leading provider of IV Drip treatments in NYC. Conveniently located in Queens, NY, Drip Gym offers on-site and at-home IV treatments. All vitamin IV drips are personally curated by Dr. Pervaiz Qureshi, board-certified in internal medicine and specializes in Intravenous Therapy management. Our clients love being treated by someone with high experience and a regard for their safety and wellbeing.

So, whether you are looking for an anti-aging treatment, help to fight a chronic condition, or simply want a natural way to improve your physical and mental performance, DRIP GYM can help. Our NAD drips are safe, efficient, and administered by skilled professionals at our medical spa or mobile IV therapy in NYC.


Reenergize your body! Revitalize your mind! Learn more about NAD drips. Contact DRIP GYM to speak with a professional or schedule a free consultation. Reach out online or call 516-445-7191 today to book NAD Therapy in NYC.

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