HCG Diet

Visceral fat — the kind stored in the core of your body — can be hard to eliminate. But its presence poses a significant threat to health, as it has been identified as a major source of inflammation and hormone imbalance. Dr. Pervaiz Qureshi offers the HCG diet as a way for patients to lose visceral fat and improve overall health.

Get a lean, healthy body

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a hormone naturally produced in the body during pregnancy. Both men and women can experience improved fertility with HCG treatments. In addition, HCG treatment can also lead to weight loss and better overall health. It works by increasing your metabolism. An HCG diet helps your body process excess fat, but it won’t break down your muscle tissues. The result is a lean, healthy body.

How the HCG Diet Works

Phase 1: Loading phase

For best results, we advise eating as many high-fat and high-calorie foods as possible two days before your HCG diet begins. Chocolates, pastries, meats, cheeses, nuts, and more are all fair game. The loading phase prevents feelings of fatigue during the first few days of the diet, making your transition smoother.

Phase 2: HCG phase

The HCG phase lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. You will eat only certain foods, stay under 500 calories, and administer an HCG injection every day. After 3 weeks of this strict regimen, your metabolism will have changed.


Phase 3: Maintenance phase

During the maintenance phase, the HCG injections stop but the calorie restrictions continue for a few more days. Your metabolism will continue to efficiently burn fat, allowing you to stay lean and healthy.


Once Phase 3 is complete, you can return to a 1,000 calorie diet. However, carbohydrates, sugars, and starches should remain off the menu.

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